Thought of the Day November 15, 2018 Freedom is a choice

By 10:07 AM

Someone had an image of  four birds in a large enclosure, like in a bird sanctuary. Two are flying from one side to the other seemingly trying to get free of the enclosure. One is sitting in a melancholic state on a perch, neither flying, nor singing, nor eating–almost in a cationic state. A fourth bird is eating and eating and getting fatter and fatter, flying less and less because it is becoming more difficult to do.

One day someone comes and makes a gaping hole in the enclosure. One bird sees the hole and escapes, flying freely away; another bird continues to fly from one side of the enclosure to the other, never accepting nor acting on the opportunity given for true, full freedom. The bird on the perch is so full of fears that even though it sees the opening it is afraid to leave the enclosure for fear of failure, guilt, shame, self-condemnation, etc. It shivers on the perch, neither eating nor flying, just slowly dying. The fourth bird just keep enjoying the limited food of its captivity, getting fatter and fatter, until it cannot fly if it wanted to. Thus it remains in the self-contained bondage of its addiction.

Which bird are we? Have we embraced the gift of salvation given to us by Jesus? Or in spite of what Jesus has done for us, we remain in captivity of our sinful nature? (To be continued)

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