Thought of the Day November 30, 2018 Eucharist as a sacrifice

By 9:58 AM

The Eucharist is a sacrifice!
In the Eucharist, Christ makes present to us anew the sacrifice offered once
 for all on Golgotha.  “In instituting it, he did not merely say: “This is my body”, “this
 is my blood”, but went on to add: “which is given for you”, “which is poured out for
you” (Lk 22:19-20). Jesus did not simply state that what he was giving them to eat
and drink was his body and his blood; he also expressed its sacrificial meaning and
made sacramentally present his sacrifice which would soon be offered on the Cross
for the salvation of all.”

“The Eucharist thus applies to men and women today the reconciliation won once
for all by Christ for mankind in every age. “The sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of
the Eucharist are one single sacrifice”. Saint John Chrysostom put it well: “We always
offer the same Lamb, not one today and another tomorrow, but always the same one.
For this reason the sacrifice is always only one... Even now we offer that victim who
was once offered and who will never be consumed”.

The Mass makes present the sacrifice of the Cross...makes Christ's one, definitive
redemptive sacrifice always present in time. The sacrificial nature of the Eucharistic
mystery cannot therefore be understood as something separate, independent of the Cross
or only indirectly referring to the sacrifice of Calvary.”

The Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross is a gift of love and obedience to the Father.
 In and through this sacrifice Christ glorifies the Father by giving his life for our life, by
becoming the expiation of all sin, by reconciling us to the Father through the shedding
of his blood.  For this gift of perfect love, the Father in turn raised Jesus up and exalted
him at his right hand, giving him the name Lord.  In the Eucharist Jesus unites us to his
 sacrificial gift to the Father so that we too can give ourselves in union with him to the Father.

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