Thought of the Day November 27, 2018 Eucharist: Mystery of faith

By 9:25 AM

The Eucharist is a mystery of faith!
It is a mystery which surpasses our understanding and can only be received
in faith.
Let us proclaim the mystery of faith!  Reflect on John 6 where Jesus asked the
disciples: “Does this shake your faith?” And then the attitude of the disciples at the
Last Supper. As a mystery of faith, it is beyond the rational and logical realms of
 human experience and knowledge.

Mystery—that which has been revealed by God. God’s plan for our salvation
through the person of Jesus and how that gift of life is to be sustained through the gift
of his Body and Blood. Can only be known through the revelation of God to us in
the person of Jesus. Jesus revealed that he was the Bread come down from heaven.

"We see one thing and understand another. We see a man (Jesus), but we make an
 act of faith in God." (Origen, Epistle to Romans 4,2

"This is the food that appeases the hunger of the devoted heart. Faith is its seasoning,
and devotion and fraternal charity its relish." (Thomas Aquinas)

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