Thought of the Day November 5, 2018 The sin of the devil

By 9:34 AM

 From the first test of the angels, to the test of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden, to the test of Jesus in the desert, to our own personal experiences of testing, the reality of evil was experienced with different results. Some angels failed the test and other angels remained in love with God. The first human beings fell short as well. Jesus, the new Adam and our Model in his humanity, returned love for love. In spite of his example and teachings, his gift and promises, we have  experienced both the failure to love in our lives and the success when we did so love God.

 Like our first parents, we were called by God to a life of union with him forever in glory, sharing by the gratuitous gift of grace his very divine life. We experienced this in baptism.  They were created by him in human form and by nature were creatures made in the image and likeness of God the Creator. By conception and birth we share in their very nature as human beings. But by the grace of  adoption they became his son and daughter. In the waters of baptism we were given the same grace. By nature they were and we are to  live forever. But God’s plan involved much more. For by grace they were and we are to live forever in the presence of God in the glory of his own life.

When God created Adam and Eve, He saw that what he had created and gifted was good. And there was rejoicing in the heavens. But there was one who did not rejoice. The evil one had also once experienced the gift of God’s love through creation and grace. As a created spirit, the evil one enjoyed the gift of being in God’s presence--a gift intended to last forever. But through pride the evil one could not accept the fact that God was Uncreated God and he, the creature, was not. Not satisfied being dependent upon God for his very existence and happiness, he sinned and thus lost the privilege of being in God’s presence sharing his glory. Yes, he will live forever, but totally away from God. (To be continued)

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