Thought of the Day November 23, 2018 Freedom to

By 10:24 AM


Jesus sets us free by this death on the cross.
a) freedom to know the truth: God; God’s love; God’s plan for us; our own
    self-worth and purpose in life; the freedom of love
b) freedom to choose to be faithful disciples of Jesus
c) freedom to stand firm by remaining true to the word of God as revealed to us
    by Jesus and not to put on the yoke of slavery again.
d) freedom to serve the Lord, to be slaves of God
e) freedom to lead a life of holiness
f) freedom to share eternal life now and forever.
g) freedom to live in the Spirit and follow the lead of the Spirit
h) freedom to become transformed and to reflect the glory of God.
i) freedom to serve one another through love.
j) freedom to set others free through forgiveness and love.

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