Thought of the Day November 28, 2018 Eucharist: a mystery of light

By 11:46 AM

The Eucharist is a mystery of light! In Jesus’ encounter of the two disciples on the
road to Emmaus, he first broke open the revealed word about the Messiah and then
he revealed himself in the breaking of the bread. The light of one gave clarity in faith
to the reality of the other. The disciples’ response to the revelation of the Scriptures
to the true understanding of the Messiah was “Stay with us, Lord.” He acknowledged
and responded to this desire for it is his desire as well. For he said: “I will be with you
to the end of time.” He revealed that he will fulfill this desire in the same way that he came.
For in the mystery of the breaking of the bread and in the mystery of his revealed word
he will remain with them.

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