Thought of the Day May 1, 2019 The grace of faith and the gift of faith

By 9:31 AM

The Holy Spirit anoints us in many ways. There is the grace of faith to believe that we have been saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is the faith that leads to salvation. There is also the gift of faith that enables us to put our trust in Jesus to accomplish through us what he has promised to do. This charismatic gift enables us to step out of our comfort zone. Peter was invited by Jesus to get out of the boat and come to him on the water. When Peter did, he was acting on the gift of faith, trusting, for a while, in Jesus. The same is true when Peter and John said to the crippled beggar at the Temple gate, "In the name of Jesus stand up and walk."  The gift of faith was stirred up in Peter and John as they spoke the words that set the man free from his physical bondage. Ask God to stir up in a fresh new way this gift of faith in you so that, trusting in God, you will be able to act in his name when he calls you to. 

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