Thought of the Day May 20, 2019 Gift of healing

By 9:43 AM

One of the more common exercise of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of healing. This is probably the one most sought after by people. Healing can come from natural means or supernatural means. Healing through natural means, namely medicines or operations, etc, can be explained scientifically. Healing through supernatural means, such as prayer and the laying on of hands, cannot be explained by any other reason than a divine intervention.

We are encouraged to go to doctors when there is a need. But at the same time, we can turn to prayer as well. We can go to doctors for treatment and at the same time we can have others lay hands on us and pray in faith for God's intervention.

There are many signs of the exercise of the gift of healing by Jesus and the Apostles in the Scriptures. There are many signs of the same exercise of the gift of healing throughout the history of the Church over the centuries. Unfortunately, this is seen as rare by many people. When in fact, it is meant to be normative in the life of the Church. For each of us has been given the various gifts of the Spirit in Baptism and in Confirmation. They are given to us to step out in faith and to pray in the name of Jesus for the healing of those in need. We do not heal. Jesus does. It is in his name that we pray, believing that he wants us to be healed.

Not every time we pray for healing do we see the specific healing we were praying for. But when we pray for healing, God is healing in the person what he desires to heal. God's grace is not in vain. As his Word does not return to him void, so his healing grace is not ineffective. Do not be afraid to exercise this gift of healing in the name of Jesus and for his glory.

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