Thought of the Day May 23, 2019 Divine appointments

By 9:30 AM

God has many divine appointments for us. Some we keep; others we totally miss. These divine appointments are grace opportunities to fulfill God's mandate to be a witness of his love and mercy to others. These divine appointments are as simple as a person's name that comes to mind "out of the blue". If it persists, we need to ask God what he wants us to do. It may be as easy as making a phone call to that person. When we do, we may realize that God wanted us to talk to this person for a reason, to show them love, to minister to them when they are down and depressed or when they are lonely.

There is no coincidence in life, no pure accident. God has a plan and is inviting us to participate in his plan for the good of another person. So, be attentive to those grace moments. Instead of brushing them off, bring them to the Lord and seek his guidance. Our response may be crucial in the life of another person.

I remember one of many of these in my own life. I had a full day. I was tired and just wanted to chill out and relax. I was trying to decide if I should go visit some friends or not. I went back and forth in my mind for over twenty minutes. I couldn't make up my mind. Then the phone rang. The person said that he was contemplating suicide that night and asked if he could come talk to me. Had I gone to my friends, I would have missed that divine appointment. Who knows what the person would have done.

Be alert and attentive to that inner move of the Holy Spirit, which is truly a divine appointment.

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