Thought of the Day May 17, 2019 Gift of healing of memories

By 10:27 AM

The most exercised gift of the Spirit and the one most sought after by others is the gift of healing. I am going to divide this gift into two: gift of the healing of memories and the gift of physical and psychological healing. Even though the later is most known, the former sometimes is needed prior to the physical healing.

Everyone of us has been scared by someone and have scared someone. That is the state of our imperfect nature. These past emotional scars and hurts have so impacted us that today  they still have influence in our lives. Growing up we may not have perceived we were loved. We may have perceived we were less than others. The way our parents or other adults spoke to us or treated us may have left a memory scar within us. If someone led us into some sinful behavior or we led others into such experience, a scar has been left. The examples are endless.

What can we do today? Healing of these begin with forgiveness from the heart. If when we think of some past situation and we still sense a pain or shame or guilt or anger, etc, then there is a scar attached. What is the process. Without reliving that experience, we need to say in our heart to the person who was the source of this pain, in the name of Jesus, I forgive you for what you did. And if I did anything against you in response, I ask your forgiveness. Then, in the name of Jesus, I forgive myself and ask you, God, to forgive me. I place this hurt and memory at the foot of your cross. I leave it there and walk away from it. Then I picture Jesus with arms open and outstretch and I go into his arms, asking him to love me in that memory.

God wants us to be free from the negative damages of the past. He doesn't want us to hold on to them or feel bound by them. This is a process. We have a lot of scared memories. Thus, it will take time to be freed and healed. It is God's love that will heal.

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