Thought of the Day May 22, 2019 Praying in tongues part 2

By 9:32 AM

The gift of tongues is expressed in two different ways. First, it is private prayer of the person to the Father. Praying in tongues frees one from the limitation of one's known language. For instance, our human vocabulary is limited in words of praise, thanksgiving and worship before the Father. But when one prays in tongues, there is no limitation. The focus is the Father and not self. We have offended God in our human words. The prayer of tongues gives no offense to God. For it is the Holy Spirit praying through us.

The second form of the gift is called "speaking in tongues". While the first form is more of a private prayer, even thought heard by others, the second is more "public". While the first does not need interpretation, the second requires someone to interpret the message, if it is of God. Usually, when someone utters a prophetic-like utterance in tongues, someone usually prays for an interpretation, not a translation. Once an interpretation is given, there should be a discernment whether this is from God or not. Like prophecy, speaking in tongues may or may not be of God.

Both are authentic gifts of God for different purpose. But it is the same Spirit manifesting God's purpose in the given moment. Pray to be open to the gifts God desires you to exercise for his greater glory and service to others.

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