Thought of the Day May 9, 2019 The Gift of Prophecy

By 10:32 AM

Continuing our reflections on the authentic gifts of the Spirit which each of us received in Baptism and in Confirmation, we look at the gift of prophecy. What is this gift? A person perceives a word of God in their hearts, discerns that it possibly could be God's word and utters it as if God was speaking. The scriptural examples are the writings of the prophets, like Isaiah and Jeremiah. God put on their heart a message for the people of Israel. They felt compelled by God to utter the word. Thus, the  prophet was a spokesperson for God's word or message. The prophetic message was meant to up build and guide the people in the way of the Lord.

In the OT, God poured out his Spirit upon Moses and later on 72 others to help him in governing the people during their Exodus journey. Moses said that he wished that God would pour his spirit of prophecy on all of the people. Later, in the NT Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians: "Pursue love, but strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophesy....(The) one who prophesies does speak to human beings, for their building up, encouragement, and solace."

Each of us received the gifts of the Spirit when we were baptized and confirmed.  Though we have the gifts of the Spirit, we do not exercise them. But like the muscles in our body, if we don't exercise the gifts of the Spirit spiritual atrophy will take place. At the same time the exercise of the gift of prophecy must be discerned. Not everything is of the Lord.  It is better to err by speaking than err by withholding God's word. If it is God's word, God will confirm it in the hearts of those who hear it. Ask God for the freedom to be used by him in the gift of prophecy when he chooses to use you. In other words, be open to the gift of prophecy.

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