Thought of the Day May 24, 2019 Follow the lead of the Spirit

By 2:05 PM

In one of  his daily meditations, Pope Francis commented on the Holy Spirit. "A Christian life - or a person who calls himself or herself a Christian - that does not leave space for the Spirit and does not allow the Spirit to go forward is a pagan life, dressed as a Christian one....The Spirit is the protagonist of Christian life; (it is) the Spirit - the Holy Spirit - that is in us, that accompanies us, that transforms us and is triumphant within us”. (Pope Francis) 

To what extent is the Holy Spirit alive in us? To what extent do we wait  upon and depend on the Spirit of truth to guide us to all that is good and beautiful, all that is truthful and right? How many mistakes have we made by doing what we wanted rather than waiting upon the Spirit to direct us? We want to be in total control rather than surrender that control to another, including God. The admonition in the psalms to wait upon the Lord and then follow, is more than a good idea. It is the only way to go about our life throughout our day, if we want to be at peace and in the will of God.

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