Thought of the Day August 12, 2019 Lacking meekness

By 9:47 AM

What happens when we lack meekness and patience in our relations with others? Someone has said, there are almost always “trials behind closed doors” going on. An anonymous monk has written pages of great penetration on this theme. He speaks as a monk, but what he says is not just valid for monasteries but also for rectories.

“Observe,” he says, “even for just one day, the course of your thoughts: You will be surprised by the frequency and the vivacity of the internal criticisms made with imaginary interlocutors. What is their typical origin? It is this: The unhappiness with superiors who do not care for us, do not esteem us, do not understand us; they are severe, unjust, or too stingy with us or with other ‘oppressed persons.’ We are unhappy with our brothers, who are ‘without understanding, hard-bitten, curt, confused, or injurious.... Thus in our spirit a tribunal is created in which we are the prosecutor, judge, and jury; we defend and justify ourselves; the absent accused is condemned. Perhaps we make plans for our vindication or revenge.”

Maybe two quotes from St Francis de Sales may help.
“Since it is impossible for us to go through life without causing annoyance to one another, it is necessary to have a great supply of meekness from which to draw to check sudden bursts of anger and preserve peace of soul.” St. Francis de Sales

“Let us strive to be kind, meek, and humble with everyone, but especially so with those whom God has destined to be our companions. Let us not be one of those who are angels in public and devils at home.” St. Francis de Sales

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