Thought of the Day August 28, 2019 Who cries for the people who are suffering?

By 9:57 AM

Look at the society we live in and seek to minister to. How rampantly has abortion become legalized and normative as a way of life for many! Sexual immorality is exploited openly and unabashedly: Infidelity, pornography, same-sex unions, polygamy. The attempt to become a secular society rather than a theocentric people, removing God from the public square first into the private sector of life, then into the closet until the need for God is totally eliminated. At least the pagan world of old as decadent as it was had many gods including an unknown god.  Gregory of Nyssa says it is impossible to look on things as they really are down here, without tears.

Reflecting on one aspect of our sick society Pope Francis cried out:
“Who cried for the people who lost their lives on a boat? For the young mothers who traveled with their children? For those fathers who were seeking a better future for their families? We are a society that has forgotten the experience of shedding tears, of suffering, amidst the globalization of indifference”. 

The reality of these things can cause one to hopelessness and despair or to turning more resolutely to God, while weeping and mourning for such abominations.  We see this both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In Psalm 119:136, we find the psalmist mourning over the sins of God’s people. He says, “Tears stream down from my eyes, because they do not keep Your law.” Hosea 4:3 tells us that the land mourns because of Israel’s sin and because of the consequences that have come upon the land as a result of that.

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