Thought of the Day August 19, 2019 The cancer cells of sin

By 10:59 AM

We are far too hospitable with our sin. Our hearts are callously numb at times. Instead of uprooting our sin at its core, we are feeding it. Instead of loathing our sin we are loving it. Instead of destroying our sin we are desiring it.

We should be appalled, disgusted, shocked, and grieved in the depths of our hearts over our sin. All our sin is treason against God. Not just the prideful, lying, stealing, and lusting sins but sins of the tongue, sins of anxiousness, sins of bitterness, sins of partiality, sins of complacency, sins of jealously, sins of impatience, and sins of arrogance, sins of ambition, sins of gossiping, sins of un-forgiveness and sins of omission.  We should grieve over them all. These are our blind spots. These are the things in our spiritual life that keep us from being all that God wants us to be. These are the cancerous cells that are destroying us from within.

When was the last time we looked our sin in the mirror and came away broken? When was the last time we felt the gravity of our sin as betrayal against a holy God? When will we flee from sin?

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