Thought of the Day August 7, 2019 Meekness is not weakness

By 9:59 AM

What meekness is not is weakness. Jesus was far from being a mansy-pansy weak person. What meekness reflects is true strength. Meekness is not cowardice, human respect, or timidness. It does not oppose zeal, fortitude, or any other virtue; rather, it strengthens them. True meekness is part of the virtue of temperance, and it opposes the vice of anger.

To the world meekness and gentleness are signs of character flaws. But to we, who are priests configured to Christ, they are the signs of the real power that comes from the powerless One. They are available to those of us who risks solidarity with him who is crucified and risen. As someone has said meekness is caught not taught.

 Both in the Bible and in the writings of the Fathers we see a linking of meekness and humility as well as meekness with patience. Jesus said, “Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.” In saying this Jesus teaches that his meekness flows from the disposition of a humble heart or attitude. It is to be the same with us. Paul urges us “to have the same attitude that was in Christ Jesus.”

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