Thought of the Day August 23, 2019 Mourning leading to new life

By 10:03 AM

What enables one to respond with repentance and true contrition over the reality of sin and another to despair and continue to wallow in the spiritual addiction that could ultimately destroy them? Listen to the words of Pope Benedict XVI.
“Is it good to mourn and to declare mourning blessed? There are two kinds of mourning. The first is the kind that has lost hope, that has become mistrustful of love and of truth, and that therefore eats away and destroys man from within. But there is also the mourning occasioned by the shattering encounter with truth, which leads man to undergo conversion and to resist evil. This mourning heals, because it teaches man to hope and to love again. Judas is an example of the first kind of mourning: Struck with horror at his own fall, he no longer dares to hope and hangs himself in despair. Peter is an example of the second kind: Struck by the Lord’s gaze, he bursts into healing tears that plow up the soil of his soul. He begins anew and is himself renewed.” (Jesus of Nazareth)

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