Thought of the Day August 8, 2019 Patient meekness

By 9:22 AM

While humility is to be the interior disposition of our heart, patience in meekness refers to our attitude in our interaction with others. Recall the misplaced zeal of John and James in response to the Samaritans who refused to accept Jesus on his way to Jerusalem. “And he sent messengers before his face. And going on, they entered into a city of the Samaritans, to prepare for him. And they would not receive him, because his face was going toward Jerusalem. And when his disciples, James and John, had seen this, they said, ‘Lord, do you want us to call for fire to descend from heaven and consume them?’” (Luke 9: 52-54) And earlier in Luke when they tried to stop someone outside of their company from performing a sign.  “And responding, John said: ‘Teacher, we saw a certain one casting out demons in your name. And we prohibited him, for he does not follow with us.’” (Luke 9:49)

They had misplaced zeal but not patient meekness. They were responding on the human level. As Jesus would say at another time, they were choosing what is man's way not what is God's way. It takes patient meekness to seek God's plan in a given situation and not our first human reaction. Try to practice this today if something comes up. What would God want you to do in response?

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