Thought of the Day August 13, 2019 Examination on meekness

By 9:42 AM

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
Am I haughty and proud or humble and meek like Christ?
Am I authentically humble and self-giving?
Have I been egotistical or boastful?
Do I align my desires with God’s will? Do I serve my neighbors? ALL of them. Even the ungrateful? The people I don’t like? Or the non likable? Am I able to affirm others rather than criticize them? Am I a good listener?
Do I see any value in meekness or nonviolence?
Do I cringe at the thought of being called meek?
Do I understand nonviolence as a way to fight evil with good, and do I choose to live that way?
How much are intimidation and force part of my lifestyle?
Do I work for nonviolent social change?
Do I show respect to others as being made in the image of God? 
Am I bold in proclaiming the truth, and when I do, do I also do this with gentleness and respect?  
Do I quarrel and fight for earthly and temporal things? 
Do I sometimes want people to pay attention only to me?
Do I express gratitude when others help me?

We can pray to have meekness as Augustine prayed to have chastity: “O God, you have commanded me to be meek; give to me that which you command and command me to do what you will.” [12]

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