Thought of Day July 30, 2020 Return to the Lord

By 11:20 AM

How often does God in the Scriptures speak of the need to return. Why?Because as struggling sinners we stray from the path of life to the path of destruction. The first step in that direction was taken by Adam and Eve, when they chose their own self-gratifying will rather than the life-giving will of God. We, their descendants, have made the same decision many times in our life-time. God's response then and now has been consistent. Return to me with all your heart and I will return to you. 

A number of years ago I heard someone share a prophetic vision. He saw a crowd of people following Jesus on a highway. There was a lot of excitement. But then he saw Jesus take an exit off the highway, but the crowd kept going. Not only are we to return to the Lord, but we are to follow close behind him, no matter where he takes us. Return to your first love.

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