Thought of the Day November 12, 2020 Meeting God

By 11:19 AM

"Let us therefore run forward, singing: It is good! And for him who runs to meet God nothing is past and lost forever. God has already bestirred himself and is quite near in the impatience of that love that makes all things new. He is near! Our past fickleness is the starting point of the eternal God. Glad tiding! We are running towards God--and he is already near." (Karl Rahner) 

What an attitude to have! Are we among those who are running to meet God or are we among those who are running away from God? Both groups will meet God eventually. The former will meet him with joy and fulfillment. His judgment will be blissful. "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the Kingdom prepared for you." The later will hide their face from God because his judgment is both fatal and final. "I do not know you. Out of my sight."  One will experience an eternal light and life. The other will experience darkness and the second death. O God, help me to be among those who accept and act on your grace of eternal salvation.

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