Thought of the Day November 9, 2020 Are we prepared for death?

By 9:54 AM

Are we to prepare for death? "I think one must, even. Not in the sense of performing particular actions, but living inwardly, so that there is a final self-examination before God. So that one goes out of this world and will be there before God, and before the saints, and before friends and those who weren’t friends. So that one, let’s say, accepts the finitude of this life and approaches it inwardly, to come before God’s countenance." (Pope Benedict XVI)

Since death is a reality in each person's life and since our eternity is determined how we lived in relationship to God in this life, we should prepare for death. No one, who desires to be a doctor or lawyer, would fail to prepare for the bar exam. Because it is so important to them to be certified as a doctor or lawyer, they want to do their best on that final exam. What is more important than life after death? Will we take a chance by rolling the dice or by living today in relationship with God? One is a gamble. The other is an assured promise of God. 


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