Thought of the Day November 4, 2020 Life to the fullest

By 10:18 AM

“If we look at the most painful moments of our lives, when we have lost a loved one — our parents, a brother, a sister, a spouse, a child, a friend — we realize that even amid the tragedy of loss, even when torn by separation, the conviction arises in the heart that everything cannot be over, that the good given and received has not been pointless. There is a powerful instinct within us which tells us that our lives do not end with death. This thirst for life found its true and reliable answer in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ Resurrection does not only give us the certainty of life after death, it also illumines the very mystery of the death of each one of us.” Pope Francis

Without belief in life after death, life would be hopeless and death feared. But because in faith we believe in the continuation of our life after death in a new experience, then life is not hopeless and death is not the victor to be feared. Our life is more important at each moment, since how we live our life in relationship to God and others will determine our eternal existence. Either our life will be lived in the fullness after death or our life will be nothingness in the eternal darkness away from God. Rather than fear death, which is only a brief moment in the full journey of life, we should seek to live in a way now that will ensure that our life will be fulfilled.

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