Thought of the Day November 6, 2020 At the time of death faith sustains us

By 10:07 AM

 “The right to weep must not be denied. Even Jesus was deeply moved and profoundly troubled by the bereavement of a family he loved. We can, instead, draw from the simple and powerful witness of many families who have known how to grasp, in the difficult passage of death, also the safe passage offered by the Lord, crucified and risen, with his irrevocable promise of the resurrection of the dead. The work of God's love is stronger than the work of death. We must seek to be 'accomplices' to that love, with our faith. … Death was defeated by Jesus on the cross. Jesus will restore all of us to our families.” (Pope Francis)

It is natural for us to weep at the death of our loved one. Such manifestation of sorrow does not deny the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus and our resurrection. Our weeping reflects the reality of separation from the deceased person. But our faith enables us to know that this separation is only temporary, for we will see each other and be reunited with each other in eternity. Death separates us only in this life. Faith and hope sustains us until we will enjoy each other's company in the joy of eternity.

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