Thought of the Day November 5, 2020 Faith and death

By 11:13 AM

 “Even death is illumined and can be experienced as the ultimate call to faith, the ultimate “Go forth from your land” (Gen 12:1), the ultimate “Come!” spoken by the Father, to whom we abandon ourselves in the confidence that he will keep us steadfast even in our final passage.” (Pope Francis)

Only faith in Jesus Christ, the Conqueror of the second death, can make sense of the first death, which all will experience. It is this faith that allows us to trust in the One who has created us for himself. For we believe that death will open us up to a new dimension of the fullness of life. For we were created to live forever in God's presence. But this will be possible only if we live and die in Christ. What a joy it will be to close our eyes at our last moment in this life and to open our spiritual eyes and see God in all his glory. In embracing death we will be able to embrace God who awaits us.

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