Thought of the Day November 23, 2020 Gratitude

By 9:34 AM

The proper order is first to render thanks to God, then to confess our sinfulness, and repent of it, then to submit our petition.” (St. Jerome)

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But every day should be one of gratitude from our heart.  Most of us spend more time in asking God for our needs and the needs of others than we do in praising and thanking God for his many blessings. Recall the ten lepers who came to Jesus, seeking healing. When they were healed, only one came back to offer thanks. Because of this, he is further rewarded. He was given something he didn’t ask for, salvation.


A grateful heart is opened to greater blessings. A heart that focuses mainly on self, closes in on itself.  Spend more time in gratitude than on petition and see how your petitions are answered.

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