Thought of the Day July 12, 2021 Spiritual journey

By 9:57 AM

 “Many religious people lament that the first fervors of their conversion have died away. They think--sometimes rightly, but not always--that their sins account for this.  They may even try by pitiful efforts of will to revive what now seems to have been the golden days. But were those fervors ever intended to last?


   And the joke, or tragedy, of it all is that these golden moments in the past, which are so tormenting if we erect them into a norm, are entirely nourishing, wholesome, and enchanting if we are content to accept them for what they are, for memories. Properly bedded down in a past which we do not miserably try to conjure back, they will send up exquisite growths. Leave the bulbs alone, and the new flowers will come up. If you hope, by fondling and sniffing, to get last year's blooms, you will get nothing.” (C.C.Lewis)


The journey to God is a journey lived in the present moment of his grace, not in the past memories nor in future expectations. Too many of us, not just remember the past, but try to conjure it in the present moment, but to no avail. That particular grace moment of the past was meant for that moment, not for now. There is a new grace moment in the present, which many of us miss, because our head is turned, like Lot’s wife, to what is behind. In doing so, we will stumble and fall, since we are not attentive to where we are now. Live in the present moment of your journey to God. That is where you will find him.

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