Thought of the Day July 8, 2021 The cost of compassion

By 10:34 AM

“Compassion is much more than sympathy. It involves an experience of intimacy by which one participates in anothers life. The Latin word misericordia expresses the basic idea: The compassionate person has a heart for those in misery. This is not simply the desire to be kind. The truly compassionate individual works at his or her own cost for the others’  real good, helping to rescue them from danger as well as alleviate their suffering.” ( Called to Compassion and Responsibility. USCCB, 1990)


The bar for compassion has been set by God, who is the prime example of compassion. Jesus laid down his life, so that we may not die eternally but live with him in glory. He made compassion, not an option, but a fundamental characteristic for his disciples. It is a new mind set, a way of seeing and interacting with others that is truly out of agape love. It is easy for us to be kind but it is more demanding for us to be compassionate.  It is the difference between the hen and the pig. The hen can provide eggs without much cost. But the pig has to die to provide ham. 

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