Thought of the Day July 15, 2021 We are pilgrims

By 10:58 AM

"Pilgrim, when your ship long moored in harbor, gives you the illusion of being a house; when your ship begins to put down roots in the stagnant waters by the quay: Put out to sea...!Save your boat's journeying soul and your own pilgrim soul, cost what it may." (Archbishop Helda Camara) 

In our journey to God it is easy to get weary. It is easy for us to become complacent. The present moment offers us a time of respite. But we haven't yet reached the end of our journey. It is easy for us to settle for the immediate satisfactions. This is a distraction. God is calling us to move ahead. For the "Promised Land" is still ahead. Many of the Israelites, who were in exile in Babylon, remained even when God was returning his people back to their promised inheritance. Why give up their comfortable life-style and go on a journey to a devastated Jerusalem? They died outside their inheritance. Our journey always lies ahead. We are pilgrims in this world. Keep the prize before you.

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