Thought of the Day July 19, 2021 Baptism

By 9:44 AM

"I think more of the place where I was baptized than of the Cathedral of Rheims where I was crowned. For the dignity of a child of God which was bestowed on me at baptism is greater than that of the ruler of a kingdom. The latter I shall lose at death--the other will be my passport to everlasting glory." (St. Louis, King of France)


Have you ever reflected on your baptism? How significant was and is baptism in your personal life? Do we have the same conviction as St. Louis, King of France? The gift of human life, our creation, was a sign of God’s love for us. But the gift of our regenerated life in baptism is of greater significance. One day we will all die. But our life after death will be determined how we lived out our baptism, not how we lived our human life. Our human existence united us to all of creation, which dies. Our regeneration in the waters of baptism gives us a share in God’s divine life. If I am still sharing in God’s gift of his divine life at death, my eternity will be one of union with God. But if I am not sharing in God’s gift at death, then my eternity will be one of alienation from God. Can we take for granted our baptism? Should we not recommit ourselves to be fully immersed in the life of God, begun in baptism, so we can be immersed in God’s life eternally?


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