Thought of the Day June 1, 2022 Our transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit

By 11:44 AM

 Yesterday, we reflected on the power and role of the Holy Spirit in the conception of the Son of God as Man with the consent of Mary. We reflected on the first "epiclesis" or invocation of the Holy Spirit during the Eucharistic Prayer. The elements of bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and the words of Jesus. 

There is a second "epiclesis" after the consecration takes place in which we acknowledge that only through the power of the Holy Spirit and the death and resurrection of Jesus can we, the Body of Christ, can be transformed into the same Christ that is offered to the Father as a sacrifice of thanksgiving. Here is what one person has said about these two invocations of the Holy Spirit. "The epiclesis, in which, by means of particular invocations, the Church implores the power of the Holy Spirit that the gifts offered by human hands be consecrated, that is, become Christ’s Body and Blood, and that the unblemished sacrificial Victim to be consumed in Communion may be for the salvation of those who will partake of it."

The Word became Flesh, when the Holy Spirit,  together with Mary's consent to the will of God, overshadowed her. Similarly,  the Holy Spirit will transform us only with our consent and submission to his power.  The full effect of our communion with God depends upon our response to the power of the Holy Spirit, as we share in the divine life of God.

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