Thought of the Day June 22, 2022 Holy Spirit and the Eucharist

By 11:34 AM

 As Catholics, we focus more on Jesus than the Holy Spirit. But the two work hand in hand. Father Cantalamessa explains it this way: "It was the Holy Spirit who gave force to the words pronounced in life by Christ, as he himself declared on one occasion to his enemies (Mt 1:28). It is in the Holy Spirit that, in his Passion, he offered himself to God and it is in that same Spirit that he renews his offering sacramentally at every Mass." In the words of St. Gregory of Nyssa: "It is the sanctification of the Holy Spirit that confers to the bread and the chalice the energy that renders them body and blood of Christ." This is affirmed by St. Augustine: "The gift is sanctified to become this great sacrament by the operation of the Spirit of God.

It is the same Holy Spirit that brings about the spiritual transformation within us as we consume the Body and Blood of Christ. We are to become more like Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit. The more we cooperate with the grace of the Spirit, the more effective will this transformation become. God always has more for us. But he waits for our receptivity to give us this more of himself.

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