Thought of the Day June 29, 2022 Saint or sinner?

By 9:16 AM


K. Chesterton once said, A saint only means a man who really knows that he is a sinner.

"St. Anselm, the great medieval theologian who is often unfairly blamed for the cruel theology of satisfaction, was eminently clear on this score. We sinners are like diamonds that have fallen into the muck. Made in the image of God, we have soiled ourselves through violence and hatred. God, claimed Anselm, could have simply pronounced a word of forgiveness from heaven, but this would not have solved the problem. It would not have restored the diamonds to their original brilliance. Instead, in his passion to reestablish the beauty of creation, God came down into the muck of sin and death, brought the diamonds up, and then restored their brilliance."

How great is our God that he would allow us to know that we are sinners, who are called to be saints! How great is our God, who knew we couldn't make the transition without his grace of salvation! How great is our God, who pours out his love upon us so that we can remain in his love! Isn't this the difference between being a sinner and a saint? A sinner is not loving God in response to his love. A saint, knows he is unworthy, but chooses to love God in response to his love. A saint is a struggling sinner. Be the saint you are meant to be!

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