Thought of the Day June 13, 2022 Lead by example

By 9:42 AM

 "Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. We are full of words but empty of actions, and therefore are cursed by the Lord, since he himself cursed the fig tree when he found no fruit but only leaves." (St. Anthony of Padua)

Each of us needs to reflect on these words regularly to insure that we are not falling short of the bar set by Jesus for his disciples. Like Paul we know what is right and we profess what is right but we do not always do what is right. We profess to be disciples of Jesus but sometimes our actions say otherwise. A good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad fruit. We say we love God but we do not do the works of love always. Those who are parents, those who are leaders, those of us who are priests, have a major responsibility because those under us are learning from us how to live their lives. May our lives proclaim the truth of God to others.

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