Thought of the Day October 11, 2022 To know no other love

By 10:21 AM

 "Loving Savior, be pleased to show yourself to us who knock, so that in knowing you we may love only you, love you alone, desire you alone, contemplate only you day and night, and always think of you. Inspire in us the depth of love that is fitting for you to receive as God. So may your love pervade our whole being, possess us completely, and fill all our senses, that we may know no other love but love for you who are everlasting. May our love be so great that the many waters of sky, land and sea cannot extinguish it in us: many waters could not extinguish love." (St. Columban)

Growth in the spiritual life is rooted in the basics. Love. This prayer of St. Columban should be our daily desire. For what matters at the end of our life is the depth of love within us, especially our love for God. The saints came to this realization and because of it they are honored as saints. How conscious are we in doing all things in love? Isn't this the basic commandment that Jesus has given to his followers? If it wasn't possible for us to root all things in love, Jesus would not have commanded it. So today, try to be attentive in the many things you do, to try, with the grace of God, to do them in love. You will not be a hundred percent successful, but with faithfulness you will be become more loving.

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