Thought of the Day October 21, 2022 The one thing

By 10:20 AM

 "The person who asks for and seeks this one thing from the Lord makes his petition confidently and serenely. He has no fear that, when he receives it, it may harm him, for if this is absent, anything else he duly receives brings no benefit at all." (St. Augustine)

What is that one thing that we should desire and pray for above all else? We can ask for health and blessings, and forgiveness and mercy. All of these are good but will be inconsequential without the one thing. What is that? We were created by God with one purpose. Paul tells us that God "predestined us to be his adopted sons and daughters so that we may be with him forever praising his glory."  Or as St. Augustine said: "This is the one, true and only life of happiness, that, immortal and incorruptible in body and spirit, we should contemplate the Lord's graciousness for ever." What it comes down to is that nothing will full satisfy us except being in full relationship with God eternally.  Desire this. Pray for this. This is the pearl of great price.

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