Thought of the Day October 26, 2022 Our one percent

By 11:07 AM

"Only Jesus can save us. That is why it is so important to remove your inner eye away from the complexities of your own broken heart toward the pure but broken heart of Jesus. Looking at him and his immense mercy will give you the ability to accept your own imperfections and to really let yourself be cared for by the mercy and love of Jesus." (Henri Nouwen)

When I realize that all is grace and mercy, I can better walk the journey of life I am on. I must cooperate with God's merciful grace, yes. But my cooperation is one percent of the total picture. God's grace provides the rest that I need. He saves me without me doing anything. But he wants me to respond to his gift of salvation at the cost of his life by giving him my life in return. That's my one percent. But that one percent is very important. He gave his total life for me on the cross of suffering. Nothing less than our total life to him will suffice. He doesn't want a fraction of one percent of our life. So much to gain and so much to lose, depending on that one percent. Is God asking too much from us?

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