Thought of the Day October 7, 2022 Power through powerlessness

By 9:01 AM

 Have you ever thought of seeking power through powerlessness? Our broken humanity has been taught that the powerful succeed; the weak don't. We are taught that might makes right. Yet, the more power we have the more power we want. We are never satisfied. In the end those who had external power end up just as dead as the one who had no power. Jesus came to teach us a different model. He allowed himself to be powerless before his accusers and attackers in order to manifest real power in self control. He  had the power to eliminate them. He chose not to. Instead,  he showed us the power of forgiveness over the power of retaliation; the power of love rather than hate and anger. He revealed the paradox of power through the ministry of service. "Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart." Our real power is not in ourselves but in God.

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