Thought of the Day October 27, 2022 Desolation and consolation

By 10:14 AM

 Desolation and consolation are two moments in our spiritual journey. Consolations are the highs, a sense of being loved, a sense of rightness in life. Desolation has a sense of sadness, of being alone, of being lost, of being in the darkness and not  in the light, a sense of hopelessness. In times of consolations, we seem to have a sense of knowing where we are going, our prayer seems to bring us closer to God. In times of desolation, we feel that God has abandoned us, our prayer feels unheard.  Both are important graces in our spiritual journey. For it is in desolation that God brings us into a deeper awareness of sin in our lives. He seems to strip and prune us so that we can have a greater experience of him. In times of desolation we need to ask God for discernment and patience: discernment to know what God wants of us at the moment; patience to wait upon the timing of the Lord. Like the seasons, winter turns to spring and desolation turns to consolation. Watch for it and wait for it. 

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