Thought of the Day October 28, 2022 We are not alone

By 10:38 AM

 Where do we receive strength in our spiritual journey in the midst of the difficulties of life? What gives us hope in days of darkness and tribulations? If not, Jesus, then who? God became man so that, after having experienced the trials and joys of of the human life, he could show us how to walk our own journey. He said that he was the way, the truth and the life. Follow him. He invites all who are weary and heavily burdened to come to him and learn from him. Go to him. He showed us that love was the only way of life for his disciples. Love as he loved. He said that he would be with us always. Trust  in him. He sent  his own Spirit to remain with us and to guide us. Be open to the grace of the Spirit. He gave us his own Body and Blood to eat and drink, as the true food of life. Relish this gift. He invites us to table fellowship with him and others. Others are on the same journey with us. Encourage and strengthen one another. After all this do we feel life and hope? 

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