Thought of the Day December 13, 2022 Yes or no

By 10:17 AM

 In today's readings, Jesus tells the parable of the father who told one son to do something and he said "yes" but did not do it. Then the father told a second son the same thing. He initially said "No", but repented and did the will of the father. Doing the will of God is a central message in the Scriptures. It was at the  heart of Jesus' relationship with the Father. "I have come to do the will of him who sent me." It is a key part of the prayer he taught his disciples. "Thy will be done."  The issue for God is not that we say "No" initially, but that we realize our sin, repent and then do the will of God.  Doing the will of God is a daily challenge in our lives.  It is a test to see if, after all that God has done for us, we will truly make him first in our lives by doing what he asks of us. This includes what we really don't want. Jesus did not want to suffer the cruel death of crucifixion. "Father, take away this cup. Not my will but yours be done." We pray for the grace to be obedient to God even in those crosses we find too hard to bear.

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