Thought of the Day December 27, 2022 Be blest and be a blessing

By 9:45 AM

We are blessed by God and are called to bless others.  It is important that we reflect on how blessed we are by God. We believe in God, while so many people do not. We share in God's divine life, many people do not. We have heard the word of God that sustains us on our journey of life, while many people ignore or even reject the Word of life. We have fellowship with God, while many people live in desolate isolation. 

But all the blessings that God pours forth upon us are given that we in turn can bless others. The gift we have been given is to be given to others. A body of water that has no outlet becomes stagnant. While a body of water that receives and gives remains life-giving. So too with us. God blesses us so that we can bless others. If we hoard our blessings, we run the risk of losing them. When we receive and give to others, there is a real joy that wells up within us. It is the joy of being blessed and being a blessing to others.

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