Thought of the Day December 15, 2022 Be viglant

By 11:55 AM

 Recently, Pope Francis gave a teaching on the need to be vigilant, not only in regards awaiting the coming of the Lord in glory, but also in regards to our heart.  The Evil One seeks to enter into our hearts through our thoughts. If we don't take captive our thoughts, as St Paul warns, then these thoughts will make us captive, leading  us into sin. Thus, we need to always be vigilant to the subtle ways the Evil One comes against us. He knows our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, better than we do. The temptations he throws at us are not the problem. If we are not vigilant, we will fall for the temptation. But if we are vigilant, we can ward off the temptations and reman in union with God. Ask for the grace of vigilance each day.

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