Thought of the Day December 29, 2022 Our sole purpose

By 9:43 AM

 Our existence is not accidental, but planned. Our existence has a defined purpose, which should guide our life. By God's divine plan from all eternity, we were loved into life. Our time on earth is not the important factor. Our reason for being is. Whether we live one day or eighty plus years on earth, none of this matters. Whether we live with God eternally does. That is the sole purpose of our begin created in his own image and likeness, so that we may share in his glorified life eternally. And when mankind sinned and lost this possibility, the Word became flesh to give his life for our life, to reconcile us to the Father.  It is through Jesus' death and resurrection we now have access once more to the eternal life God desires for us. Don't lose this second chance but strive for the prize that awaits us, life on high with God.

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