Thought of the Day December 9, 2022 The witness of joy

By 11:46 AM

 A Christian who isn't joyful is a Christina who is lacking something, or else is not a Christian. Is is a heartfelt joy, the joy within which leads us forth and gives us courage."

As Christmas is a season of joy, Advent is a time to live in joy in anticipation of Jesus' coming in a fresh, new way into our lives. Is it possible that joy is the door through which Jesus comes to us? So many  people are filled with anxieties and fears; so many people are enveloped in loneliness and self-concern. Why is joy missing in their lives? They forget the source of Joy. Jesus. They forget the reason of our joy, namely, our salvation and the gift of sharing in his divine life. Recall what God has done for us out of his love and respond to his blessings by being a witness of joy to others. We need to take the admonition of St. Paul to heart: "Rejoice always. Again I say, rejoice. For the Lord is near and in our midst."

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