Thought of the Day December 19, 2022 Hail full of grace

By 10:24 AM


"Hail full of grace." Pope Francis said: “Before calling her ‘Mary’, the angel calls her “full of grace”, and thus reveals the new name that God has given her and which is more becoming to her than the name given to her by her parents.”

Pope John Paul II: “From the moment of conception, in fact, her soul was filled with every blessing, enabling her to live in outstanding holiness throughout her earthly life. Mary's face reflects the mysterious face of the Father. The infinite tenderness of God-Love is revealed in the maternal features of Jesus' Mother.”

Because of her being full of grace throughout her life, she had a special relationship with God. She was the beloved daughter of the Father, uniquely chosen by him among all other women to be the future Mother of his Son and the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

St. Augustine said it this way. “The world being unworthy to receive the Son of God directly from the hands of the Father, He gave his Son to Mary for the world to receive Him from her…God the Father imparted to Mary his fruit-fullness, as far as a mere creature was capable of receiving it, to enable her to bring forth his Son and all the members of his Mystical Body.”

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