Thought of the Day Jun 14, 2023 Truth or lie

By 11:02 AM

 "Our true challenge is to return to the center, to the heart, and to find there the gentle voice that speaks to us and affirms us in a way no human voice ever could. The basis of all ministry is the experience of God’s unlimited and unlimiting acceptance of us as beloved children, an acceptance so full, so total and all-embracing, that it sets us free from our compulsion to be seen, praised, and admired and frees us for Christ, who leads us on the road of service.

This experience of God’s acceptance frees us from our needy self and thus creates new space where we can pay selfless attention to others. This new freedom in Christ allows us to move in the world uninhibited by our compulsions and to act creatively even when we are laughed at and rejected, even when our words and actions lead us to death." Henri Nouwen

To the extent we embrace God's loving acceptance of us, as we are here and now, to that extent will we have the freedom to become the full person God envisions. On the one hand, God is calling us to become complete in him. But on the other hand, our life of sin wonders if that is possible. It even seeks to convince us that it is not possible. Thus, the internal struggle of our earthly journey. The answer is, alone I can't be fulfilled. But in Christ and through his love, I can and will. We can trust in his love and promise or we can remain chained to our past history of lies.

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