Thought of the Day June 2, 2023 Your will be done

By 10:27 AM


 God will give us whatever we want, asking in prayer what we truly want, not what we say we want or even think we want. God listens to the heart, not to the lips. He knows, too, how limited is our understanding and knowledge. He sees our truest desires and knows how they can best be fulfilled. And this is what He grants.” (Basil Pennington)

 No one wants to burn in the fires of hell. We all want to ultimately be happy and in eternal peace. This desire is imbedded in us from the time we are born. God created us to be fulfilled only in him. When we pray, though what we pray for may not resonate with this deeper desire, God in his love will give that which will enable us to reach our fulfillment. Isn’t that what St. James means when he says we need to pray according to the will of God for us. His will is our ultimate happiness.

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