Thought of the Day June 29, 2023 Love and service, the antidote

By 10:46 AM

 Famed psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Menninger once gave a lecture on mental health, after which someone from the audience asked him what he would suggest that a person do in the event of a suspected impending nervous breakdown. Everyone thought that Dr. Menninger would advice as a preventive measure a visit to a psychiatrist. instead he replied: "Lock up your house, go to the other side of the railroad racks and find people i need. Then do something to help. Immerse yourself in the lives of others."

Isn't this the simple but clear message of Jesus on how to live life to the fullest? It is a message of love and service. It takes us out of so much self focus to other focus. When Peter felt so much shame and guilt from his triple denial of Jesus, what did Jesus asked of him? "Do you love me? Then feed my sheep."  Stop navel gazing, Peter. There are many who need your help. Feeling sorry for yourself will not bring you relief. But loving another in my name will begin your healing process. "When I was hungry and you fed me" did not only take care of another's need but took care of yours. 

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